Virgin Coconut Oil (cold press)- 1 litre


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OTI Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from fresh kernels of high-quality organically certified coconuts, grown in the fecund soils of Ghana. Handmade organic coconut oil has a lingering fragrance that evokes the lushness of nature. This magical oil is enriched with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from harmful bacteria and fungi, as well as contribute to a healthy and beautiful moisturized hair. With endless uses from cooking to beauty care, organic coconut oil is bestowed with wonderful health benefits for the skin, hair and the body.
It is loaded with nutrients such fatty acids which work well together to increase the body’s immunity levels. Organic coconut oil can either be applied directly on the skin and in the hair or used as a key component of cosmetic formulations for added nutrients. Purchase organic coconut oil for use and bask in the glory of a youthful skin, a pretty-as-a-picture hair and a healthy body.